Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interview: Erlend Eilertsen (ESSENCE OF MIND)

    Essence Of Mind is an alternative electronic rock band from Oslo, Norway. It delivers the listener a fusion between great power in the vocals within rhythmic tunes.

pdn: Hello, Erlend! First of all, how did you come up with the band name?
Erlend: Hello!
Well, I was trying to come up something that reflected to my music and lyrics. As it contain a lot of reflections about human psyche, how we treat each others, my own thoughts and feelings about my own experiences, as well as fictional stories about human relations etc.
So when I come up with Essence Of Mind, I knew it was the right choice!

pdn: Of course it is up to everyone to listen and discover, but how would you personally describe the sounds of Essence of Mind in a few words?
Erlend: Powerful, melodic,emotional yet aggressive electronic music blended with rock elements!

pdn: What is it that inspires you mostly while writing the lyrics?
Erlend: A lot of different stuff like I mentioned earlier, but I think the mood of the song has a very big impact on how the lyrics will end up in the end.
A also tend to make them hopeful even when they're quite dark, as well as keeping them quite open for the listeners interpretations.
I sometimes even have different interpretations on some songs as well :) I think it makes it more interesting that way, it's all about the feelings!

pdn: And what inspired your sounds and style since the beginning? What bands for example?
Oh, a lot of different stuff, both modern and older stuff! But I do have a fascination for new sounds and blending different styles together to an own expression! I listen and love a lot of different music, from Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and Enter Shikari via 80's new wave and synthpop to The Prodigy, 30 Seconds To Mars, Pendulum, Apoptygma Berzerk and so on!

pdn: If you could pick any other Norwegian band to share the stage with, which one would it be?
Erlend: We have already been so lucky to have played with great artists such as Apoptygma Berzerk, Zeromancer and Combichrist, but it's no secret that Apoptygma has a special place in my heart! Stephan is also a very nice guy!

pdn: If you would be to have another project of a different genre, what genre would you choose and why?
Erlend: That's a tough one cause I tend not to think genres when making music! I need to evolve and to be able to be creative so I just makes what I want, be it very electronic or very rock oriented. It usually blends together in some sort though. So if I would do something else, it could be anything really.

pdn: Are there any plans for upcoming material in the near future?
Erlend: Yes there is!! We are actually in the final stages of the production of our next album! It will continue what we started with the 2 previous ones, but also taken a step forward as well, trying out new elements!Experimenting is an important part of my music making! We do also have a new video finished, made a really great and professional team, so we can't wait to get the album done, and to present it to the public! We also plan to do some more touring, and will try to play as much live as possible! We have also started to rehearse the new songs, and will try some new elements to our live shows!

pdn:Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Anything you would like to add for your fans?
Erlend: Thank YOU!
Hope you will like our new album, we can't wait to get it finished and released! And we hope to see you at a show near you!

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