Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fear of Domination - Create.Control.Exterminate (2011) preview!

   I must say this article is something exclusive. With the permission of their manager, Saku Solin, lead singer of finnish industrial metal band of Fear Of Domination gave me their brand new album before even releasing it, for a preview on Playdeadnation. After listening to it several times, I can promise I will be listening to it often from now on as well.
It is perfect for both fans of metal and industrial, since it is the perfect combination between the two. Energic, rough, with electronic elements, harsh male vocals that contrast with the occasional clean female vocals provided by Niina Telén.
   If in the review of their first album I mentioned having your bloodflow speeded up, this album will probably get you to the point of extasy. The song that opens up the gates of this album is 'New World', this makes you feel like you're on top of the world and from the album name 'Create.Control.Exterminate', the best word that would describe the message of this song is 'control'. Next song is 'Pandemonium', this song uses the natural food chain as a metaphor for the general selfishness of people, main message being that the weak will not survive because they will be feasted upon, followed by 'Modify', which talks about change, purification through painful methods. Then we can listen to 'Destroy & Dominate', the lyrics are mixed, some english and some finnish ones in the second part of the song. It also talks about how tideous life can be, that You have to be your own god, otherwise you will live an utterly submissive life. The following tune is 'Coma', which will not fail you either if you like songs full of energy, also with a great deal of clean female vocals, and it presents us another piece of things that are going wrong in our society. 'We'll Fall Apart' is a song with a slightly melancholic sound, which I can say matches the title. It tries to open people's eyes, and somewhat proves my personal general point as well, that the world would make much more progress if we wouldn't all be as greedy as we are and step over everybody else, as well as a big part of humanity being a waste of space on this planet. After this, 'So Far So Good (All For Nothing)' is about lack of dignity and selling out, selling yourself, doing everything to please other rather than working your way up and keeping your head up high. 'Tool Of God' is about people being the means of superior forces for making things happen, and also that 'you must kiss the flame if you want to be saved' have to make sacrifices for inner peace. The final song, 'Control within', is about controlling your thoughts and actions, also about control upon others.
The general message of this album is similar to the one in the first album; Greed, mass manipulation and the negative effect of this on human evolution and cooperation.The album does not fail us, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. It will be released on the 23rd this month (november), DO NOT MISS IT!!

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