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   Anders Manga is an American recording artist, who creates music that takes you to another dimension, has a great deal of fans worldwide. His music can be labeled in numerous ways, but he likes to call it simply 'electronic rock'.

pdn: I will begin by asking you about artists that have influenced your musical career. Who were these?
Anders: I could discuss this all day because before I am a songwriter, I am a fan. There is something about putting on music that can conquer any stress or problems you may be having in your life. I have tried a few drugs in my day but I can say with honesty that nothing relieves my stress like my favorite songs cranked as loud as I can stand it. As far as what or who inspired me to make music, I have to say Gary Numan was a big one. I remember having the 45 record of "Cars" when I was 6 or 7 years old and thinking it sounded like aliens coming out of my speakers. It was like magic. I knew I had to have a synthesizer. Later I discovered Alice Cooper in my Mom's record collection and my life was changed forever. I have to say Alice is my #1 favorite after all these years because his music has been with me all my life and I just really connect with it. 
Bauhaus was another one of those milestone moments. When I was 13 or something, the movie "The Hunger" was on late night TV and as many people know, Bauhaus opened the movie with "Bela Lugosi's Dead", I was certainly hooked for life on Bauhaus and later Peter Murphy's solo work. I went through a phase where Slayer occupied my stereo in my teen angst years, but I was pulled out of the metal abyss by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' "Henry's Dream" album. David Bowie, Roky Erickson, Pentagram, Pink Floyd, Coil, Black Sabbath are all among long time classic favorites. My music taste is all over the place really. On my ipod you can hear King Diamond next to Christian Death. I really drive people crazy with it.
As of right now, I am listening to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I really love the occult rock resurgence and miss good deathrock so much!

pdn: You've had a constantly increasing success since 2005, up to date. What are further goals and aspirations of yours?

Anders: I have never done a proper tour so that would be something I would like to do. I only do festivals and one off shows. My aspiration are simple really, I just want people to listen to the music and hopefully inspire others the way my influences inspired me. It's never too late to realize your dreams so never stop dreaming.

pdn: Is there an artist/are there artist you would like to colaborate with someday?

Anders: Working with Bruno Kramm from Das Ich was definitely awesome. He is the coolest person alive today. Jex Thoth is amazing and I would like to work with her. There are really so many musicians I adore like Jinx Dawson and Victor Griffin.

pdn: What are the main sources of inspiration regarding the writing process of the lyrics?

Anders: This comes from many places and is normally a stream of consciousness. I think many songwriters will tell you that their best songs happened very quickly. It's like your mind is temporarily taken over by some spiritual entity and it just spills all out. The worst songs are the ones that you work on forever and try to force. It just comes to me and I feel truly blessed that I can do it. It is also something you cannot stop. Sometimes just out of nowhere a melody or lyric will just pop in my head and I have to go record it. 

pdn: Which is your favourite part, working in the studio or performing?

Anders: I have to say studio. I am definitely a songwriter before a performer. Early on before a show, I had to drink quite a bit to get over the nerves of performing but I did get over it. I definitely love performing but writing is what I love the most.

pdn: What are the band's nearest plans?

Anders: I am taking some time away from electronic music to get a rock album out of my system. Once that is finished, I should be starting on new Anders Manga material. 

pdn: Thank you for your time! Anything final you would like to add for your friends, fans?

Anders: Thanks for listening and if you are not listening please give it a try!


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