Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interview: Cadaveria (Cadaveria)

   Cadaveria is an extreme horror metal band, spreading dark burtal music from Italy. Cadaveria, mastermind of the band mentioned above, that carries her name, and industrial metal band DyNAbyte was kind to answer my questions!

pdn: Hails, Cadaveria! My usual first question is about the band's name. How did you come up with it? Were you called Cadaveria prior to the band's birth?
Cadaveria: This is my nickname since 1991. It represents my love for the dark side of the universe.

pdn: What were the bands and/or things in general that have influenced you in becoming who you are today? Person and music-wise.
Cadaveria: Well I started listening to Metal music when I met Flegias, so I can say rather than a specific band it was him who influenced me. By the way I remember I was used to listen to Napalm Death and Mercyful Fate… The experiences I did in my life and people I met let me become the person and the singer I’m now.

pdn: What are your plans for your industrial metal band Dynabyte?
Cadaveria: We released our second album this February. It’s called 2KX. LJ Dusk is already at work to compose new material, while my actual energies are concentrated on CADAVERIA new album.

pdn: What about Cadaveria? I've read that you have new songs done, when will we be able to listen to new material?
Cadaveria: We just reached an agreement with Bakerteam Records, a division of Scarlet Records, that will release our 4th full length in January 2012. It will contain eleven tracks, composed from 2008 on, and recorded this year in three different studios, inItaly. The mood is very raw, dark and evil. Soon we will spread some more info concerning the title, the artwork and the exact release date.

pdn: What are your aspirations as a visual artist? And main themes? (even if the horror part is obvious; would like you to tell me a bit about it).
Cadaveria: I love visual art and images in general. They are part of my life and my music. I sometimes paint on canvas, abstract subjects, I love cinema and contemporary art and I care about the creation of CADAVERIA and DyNAbyte CDs artwork, booklet, etc. Me and Marcelo (Flegias) Santos personally direct and shot all our videos.

pdn: If you could pick any countries, where would you like to tour in the future?
Cadaveria: BrazilArgentina and United States.

pdn: Thank you for answering my questions! Any words for your fans you'd like to add? :)
Cadaveria: It seems FB is ruling the world. So do I Like on our page: and don’t miss CADAVERIA new album, early next year!


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