Sunday, July 15, 2012

Interview: Sotiris Vayenas (SEPTICFLESH)

    Embracing mythological, occult and other monumental elements, Septicflesh is a melodic death metal band from Athens, Greece, that absorbs you, taking you into another world through the whole structure of their divine sound and lyrics. Sotiris Vayenas, clean vocalist and guitarist of the band is here to talk to us about his solo project, general details, and of course, news about Septicflesh.

pdn: Hails, Sotiris! Please tell me, how did the band get the name SepticFlesh to begin with? Just curious, since sometimes band names have an interesting story behind them.
Sotiris: The name was given from a friend of Seth and Chris, just before I joined the band. To tell you the truth I was never so enthusiastic about it, as I felt that it was more fitting for a grind death metal band while our music has a wide diversity of moods and speeds. However, at the time of our formation the audience had no problem with simple names “reeking death” , quite the contrary. 

pdn: Who writes the lyrics and how did you pick the obvious general topics as inspiration, both for the lyrics and visual elements?
Sotiris: I am responsible for the lyrics of the band. So the thematology is always about my point of view and about things that excite me as science, mythology, the occult etc. Also it is very important for us to try to combine in the most fitting way, emotions with sound and meaning. In that way the result is more powerful and you can “sink” deeper into it. As for the visual elements, I always discuss the symbolism of the songs with Seth before he starts creating the proper images that will dress the layout of an album. 

pdn: When did you start creating music and what was the first instrument you learned to play?
Sotiris: I started playing music when I was 8 years old and my first instrument was a violin. Actually, I continued playing violin for several years, until I fell in love with the electric guitar. 

pdn: Who was/were some important influences that helped form you as a musician and just as a person?
Sotiris: Concerning music, I loved bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Dead Can Dance, Paradise Lost, Death, Bathory and many more. As a person I was greatly influenced from the ancient Greek philosophers. 

pdn: What are some other passions, tasks you're focused on, besides your bands?
Sotiris: I like to search and learn about the human past. Also I systematically explore the altered states of consciousness and that is why I experiment with techniques as lucid dreaming for example.

pdn: What can you tell me about your solo project Aenaos, how did it come to exist? Did you feel like you had something more to 'say' outside of your main band?
Sotiris: The music I have created under the name Aenaos is more heavy metal, than Septicflesh although at the same time the atmosphere of the songs is still dark and melancholic. One of the main characteristics my solo project is the dominating presence of the clean vocals, as there are no brutal vocals at all. I started working theses kind of ideas at the period when Septicflesh was inactive and developed an autonomous musical personality. 

pdn: Also, what are your nearest plans for this project?
Sotiris: I have no fixed plans for Aenaos, as I have limited time and always my priority is Septicflesh. However, I want sometime in the future to release a full album as Aenaos. 

pdn: And what about SepticFlesh, what is the band currently doing? Any upcoming tours?
Sotiris: Well, there are some upcoming shows in Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia and France for August. Then there are plans for a headlining North American tour in October with Krisiun / Melechesh / Ex Deo / Inquisition as supporting bands.

pdn: Thank you so much for this chat! Any final message you would like to add for your fans from all over the world?
Sotiris: Thank you for your support, keep the dark flame burning !

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