Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interview: Henry Lee Roots (SPIHA)

   SPIHA was originally formed in 1998 in Helsinki, Finland. After a little 'clinical death' of about five years in it's existence, the rock band is back, alive and kicking. Vocalist Henry Lee Roots joined me for a little chat about their newest stuff, among other things! Enjoy!

pdn: Hello, Henry! How did you come up with this name for the band? Does it have any particular meaning?
Henry: Spiha is Byrds logo upside down..some people also think it means Spiritual Hallucination.

pdn: What age were you when you started making music, how did it all begin? 
Henry: I myself was 5 years old when i started to dig Elvis Presley. I started makin' music myself 'bout 12 years old by playing drums..First bands I had as a teenager..

pdn: Who writes the lyrics and what inspires them mostly?
Henry: Me and Daemon P.A.Volume. Life itself and world around us..

pdn: There was a gap in the band's existence between 2005 and 2010, right? Were the members musically active in any way during that time? 
Henry: Yeah we had to take some time off..I had a band called Sonic Roots, we released one album and band existed during years 2005-2010. Daemon P.A.Volume had band called Moloch Horridas. And Junza Hiwatt had a band called Miss Treatment. So we were all active during break.

pdn: Would you consider collaboration with another artist? Who would that be, if you could pick anyone? 
Henry: Well we just released duet and a video with female singer called Anna Paatero (link) .

pdn: Three things you could not imagine your life without? 
Henry: Music,Friends,Love and Fans  : ))

pdn: Do you have any other significant passions besides music?
Henry: I love to cook nice meals for my friends..And i also love to read lifestorys and biographys and im a filmfreak too..

pdn: What is Spiha doing at the moment? 
Henry: Spiha is preparing new album and doing shows all over the planet..So were Alive and kicking!!

pdn: Cheers for this interview, thank you! Anything you would like to add for your friends, fans? :) 
Henry: Keep on Rocking guys!!New stuff coming soon!!Cheers!!

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