Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview: Nicholas Whitfield ( 9TH EVOLUTION)

   St. Petersburg-based politico-agressive industrial rock/ post punk band 9th Evolution brings us the delight of a fusion of driving beats, piano, symphonic elements guitars and vocals altering from gentle to some brutal, unforgiving ones. Frontman Nicholas Whitfield is here for a little talk today!

pdn: Hey Nicholas! How did you guys come up with this name for the band?
Nicholas: The long short of it is since the first day I started writing music , it had going through various names.. The day that the sound,look and style was exactly what I was going for and was 100% me.. It was the 9th incarnation and had evolved.. Hence:9th Evolution.

pdn: Please describe your sounds in a few words!

Nicholas: Like a choir of angels w/ Satan on lead vocals.. Ok, kidding.. I have no idea of to describe it.. Hard ,gritty but very melodic... Also,greatly unpredictable. 

pdn: How did this band grow roots in the first place?

Nicholas: Started in my little apartment and networked..
It's just me so took a lot of time and effort.. We have some really cool fans and have been the leading reason we're ever heard beyond my little circle.. They spread the word better than I ever could. 

pdn: Who writes the lyrics and what inspires them mostly?
Nicholas: I write everything you hear on the album,which of course includes lyrics.. The easy answer is life.. Experiences.
I try to take an approach where it is more story like rather than very literal.. That why the listener may be able to relate to it better.

pdn: And what other bands represent some important musial influence for you?
Nicholas: NIN,Marilyn Manson,PWEI,Beatles,Chris Isaak,Nirvana,Rammstein,Muse,Chopin,Beethoven,Elfman.. It really varies and I draw great inspiration from many amazing artists.. 

pdn: What are your main goals, musically and as a person?

Nicholas: To get filthy rich..  Actually,money is not a driving factor simply cause there isn't any to be made.. It started as a kid playing piano and turned into something bigger.. Hopefully even bigger in the future. By bigger I mean being heard by a larger audience. That is my goal,to be heard,period. 

pdn: You and Jennifer are married, right? Do you think the fact that you are together in a band is an extra boost for your relationship? 

Nicholas: Yes, indeed we are.. 9E was around before I met her, it was actually a huge part of how we met. It has definitely made our relationship stronger. 9E was something very important to me and of course it would be to her but being in the band it makes it her baby too. We're together on and off the stage, wouldn't have it any other way..Also, she adds an amazing element to the band, we the guys in 9E are very aggressive on stage(usually resulting in broken equipment or selves) and to have a beautiful girl being the calm w/in the storm is amazing to watch.. 

pdn: What are the band's plans for the near future? New songs, gigs?

Nicholas: Well, 9E just finished the new album Retro Americana last month.. It is set to be released nation wide April 1st in all the major stores that carry music. We're booking shows for late April and May in Florida to warm up and then branching out from there. VIdeo shoot for The Extinction,world domination and other stuff  

pdn: Thank you for this interview! Any final words you would like to add for your fans? 
Nicholas: Final words to fans? Thank you.. It means the world to me that someone has allowed me to be apart of their life via music. It's amazing. This is who I am and what I do,it is my therapy and my sanctuary.. There is so much more to come, stay tuned! 


  1. Great interview and band !!! ONB

    1. Thank you! And thank you for linking me to them as well! :)