Friday, February 17, 2012

Interview: Daniel Columbine

   Daniel Columbine is a professional when it comes to music, with a vast knowledge in the musical field, ex member of Psyclon Nine and founding member of Columbine. He has worked and shared the stage with numerous other artists, and he was very kind in revealing some important moments of his carreer to us, and more!

pdn: Hello, Daniel! Did you come up with the band name for Columbine because of the High School Massacre?
Daniel: Well, yes and no. It was more of a dichotomy thing. My whole life growing up columbine was always a flower (a very beautiful one for that matter). As soon as the massacre happened columbine became just a shooting. Which kind of showed me that people tend to gravitate and aim there focus towards the more negative things in life. Which is exactly what the band always reflected, so we always felt it was a very fitting name. The band never really represented dark and evil things but rather the profound awareness of dark and evil things. We were basically an ink blot that was up for interpretation. That being said, no one ever asked if we were named after the flower...... case in point.

pdn:If so, what is your opinion about that event in a nutshell (causes, effects), and how come you've picked that as the band name?

pdn: I know you used to be a part of Psyclon Nine; what happened there, why did you leave?
Daniel: I was and still am proud to have been a part of there history, it was a great learning and life experience. I met a lot of wonderful people and saw a lot of cool places. As any Psyclon fan knows they have an ever revolving line up, so I was just happy to have had the time with them that I did. As for becoming a permanent member, it just wasn't in the cards for me.

pdn: Also, what happened to Columbine? You've told me only a bit about it...

Daniel: Columbine is officially done. It wasn't because of anyone or anything. The guys and me are still friends and theres no bad blood. It was just time for me personally to take on the next life adventure and try something new. We had a good run and again I'm proud to have been a part of it.

pdn: What are the main things that influence you in your musical projects?

Daniel: For me it's constantly changing, my opinions vary on a day to day basis. I get bored easy and if the musics sounding the same from song to song then I know its time to take a different approach. I've never had a set method in which I write, and I never visualize the
end result until its done. I never set out to write industrial or any genre for that matter its just what came out.

pdn: Also, what musicians inspired you mostly in forming your career, style?

Daniel: That's a tough one.... so many. I've always liked bands that come off as being a whole rather than a group of individuals. I'll also look at musicians and say "I don't want to be like that", There probably the ones who have formed my style and career more than the ones you'll see me front and center row at. For example I'm probably on the opposite side of the color wheel than Justin Bieber. And thats a conscious decision.

pdn: You've worked with many bands, in all different ways. Who was most fun to collaborate with? And who would you like to work with in the future?

Daniel: I honestly have fun working with everyone. I've never really disliked writing or playing with anybody. Some may be a little more fun than others but I'm not exactly gonna put up that list.

pdn: What are you up to in the present, and what are the plans for the near future?

Daniel: Currently I'm working on a new project with a couple of guys, Pat Elmore (producer of columbine/B.M.M.) and Jno (fresh out of the band B.M.M.) which unfortunatly I can't give to many details about. But I can say I'm really excited for this project. Oh and just because I like to tease people, It doesn't sound like columbine.
Thank you Daniel, and I want to apologize for the delay again! :)

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