Monday, February 6, 2012

Interview: Jape Perätalo ( TO/DIE/FOR )

   To/Die/For is a very well-known gothic metal band from Kouvola, Finland, and they've been rocking ever since 1993 and up to date, and buttering up our souls with harshly sensitive tunes. Lead singer Jape took the time to chat with us today!

pdn:  Hello, Jape! And thank you! I know there was a change regarding the band's name, back in 1999. Why did that happen and what influenced the new name?
Jape: Our lyrics fits better with the name To/Die/For.Before TDF we ere called as MARY-ANN and we played some kind of street rock and roll so it was right moment to change the name of the band when we signed our first record deal. 

pdn: At what age did you start making music, how did all this get initiated for you?
Jape: All of us started playing music when we were little kids. I composed my first song when i was 6years old.I did it with piano.It wasn´t good one :) but i still remember how it goes. I had my first band when i was 12years old, and i guess other TDF members has same kind of history. 

pdn: What were your main influences in becoming a musician? What bands and just things in general?
Jape: Thinking of it now,i guess i wanted to escape somethings...for examble my parents were strongly believers and i hated it. I wanted to take my own freedom. The band which set me on fire was Finnish band called SMACK. I heard their album "live desire" and that was it! no turning back. Also The Doors, The lords of the new church, and Stiv Bator, Hanoi Rocks  etc. These bands are ones to blame.

pdn: You have toured with many bands so far; who were mos fun to tour with? Do you have this one most memorable moment from all the band's history?
Jape: We loved to be on tour with SENTENCED in 2000. Also In Flames guys were very friendly for us. Just these to mention but we´ve met many great people during these years. on our first European tour we stole all beers from In Flames while they were on the stage. They still didn´t get mad at us, but their tour manager did. We did wrong but...shit happens. Once our guitarist didn´t find the stage in russia and intro was playing etc. It happened exactly as on Spinal Tap movie.Spinal Tap is the truth about this thing called Rock and Roll glamour:)  a lot of memories.... 

pdn: Which is your favourite part in the life of a musician, concerts or the studio hours?
Jape: Being on tour, on the way to somewhere and being on the stage and also writing the songs. All which are based on some kind of business Sucks a big time.  Usually i hate to be at the studio too,but while re cording SAMSARA album, i had fun first time. These guys are so great to play with and compose songs with..i love our band right now! All of us loves to be on the stage and on tour most, it is the MOST important thing for us...and that you never write perfect song,that makes you try harder and harder all the time. It is nice!

pdn: There were many line-up changes along the years; why was that, mostly?
Jape: I am almost bored to answer to this question :) Well..some of ex-member joined to our band because of wrong motivation, and had totally wrong attitude. Sometimes we were too busy to check, is someone GOOD for TDF or not. We had tour coming or somethings. All i can say that every line up change happened because of real reason. It felt painful everytime but things just happen. This is the first time we are all equal and on the same line. 

pdn: Who writes the lyrics and what inspires them most of all? What are the main subjects in the sounds and message of the songs?
Jape: On SAMSARA album i wrote all lyrics. This tiime i was influenced about our real lives. There´s not any fantasy things this time. A lot of things happened during 2010 so i wrote lyrics about that. Samara is like a circle of the year 2010. There two songs which are dedicated for my little brother who died in 2010. Also one song about brain cancer which happened near us, also lyrics about how we always had fun even we are walking like on the edge etc. Also one songs which is about freedom and about society and so on...And we never forget this important thing called love. We do not always sing about love between two persons, but also about Love to Nature and how we love our lives etc. There´s many kinda love you see. 

pdn: What are the plans for the near future?
Jape: Writing new songs, trying to get shows and tours as much as possible. Boring ha? :) 

pdn: Thank you so much for your time! Anything you would like to add for your friends and fans, as few closing words?
Jape: have fun, Stay alive and stick around! and CHECK our sixth album SAMSARA! and hope to see you on tour Someday, Somewhere, Somehow. 


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