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Interview: Saku Solin (Fear of Domination) !

  In addition to the review below, I managed to get vocalist Saku Solin from the finnish industrial metal act Fear of Domination to answer some quesions for me. He was extremely kind and agreed right away! Here's the outcome, enjoy! 

pdn: Hey Saku! Please tell me, how come you guys decided upon Fear of Domination as the band name? What influenced you?
Saku: Hey Laura!
Our bass player Lauri come up with the name. I just popped out of somewhere. With little discussion, we decided that it suits us and thus Fear of Domination was born.

pdn: The band was formed in 2006, and your first album was released in 2009. Was it difficult to get a record deal in the meantime?
Saku: Record deals are never easy to get, especially here at Finland where are so many metal bands. But with hard work and training we managed to impress lead singer of Turmion Kätilöt and so he took us to Osasto-A records.

pdn: Were there any line-up changes during the band's journey so far?
Saku: There has been some changes, our old lead guitarist left and we played sometime with only one guitar until Jonne showed up and brought his skills with guitars and songwriting, mixing up our music and bringing new elements. After some time we decided that we need synths to bring more ambience and electronic sounds and after little search we came up with Ninni. I knew that she could sing too, so we decided to use her voice as well. In the new album we used her voice pretty much and it brings nice little change to mine screams and growling. After our first album our paths with our old drummer Jaakko separated and Vesa hopped along, bringing whole new level to drums in our music.

pdn: The lyrics are not shy at all, more like straight-forward I would say, and I must say I agree with them; who writes them?
Saku: Lyrics might be kinda straight forward, but still I leave the final word or conclusion to the listener so that he/she can make his/her own statement about them and fit them with his/her own life. All the lyrics are made by me.

pdn: At what age did you start making music? Tell me a bit about that please.
Saku: We all have stick with music from the schools. Band projects, school music groups etc. Music is pretty much everything to us.

pdn: I know you collaborate with Turmoin Kätilöt. What is the relationship between the two bands?
Saku: As I mentioned, we have record deal with Osasto-A records that is owned by lead singer of Turmion Kätilöt. TK is very good band with good guys. First time we met was at MetalOrgy- event that we organise (Nowadays MetalOrgy is organised every year by me/FoD and by Mc Raaka Pee/Turmion Kätilöt). We booked TK to play there and so our "cooperation" began.

pdn: Do you have a role model? If you could meet anyone at all, who would it be?
Saku: Role model... Hell this is a tough one. Cant really say that there is any "role model" but I can say that there are performers that most definitely have affected me and have made me love live performance and gigs. For example Till Lindemann from Rammstein and Rob Zombie because of the strong charisma and character they have made themselfs on stages. Naturally getting your emotions in your voice and expressing them forward (no matter are you yealling, singing or whatever) is important to me also so I could also say Johny Cash, Trent Reznor, Anders Friden and Peter Tägtgren. There are many more and I cant name one or two specific but you got the point I presume?

pdn: What would be a band (or several bands) you would be most excited to share the stage with?
Saku: And therefore sharing stage with Rammstein, In Flames or Rob Zombie would definitely kick ass!

pdn: What can you tell me about the upcoming album and when will it be released?
Saku: Our new album Create.Control.Exterminate. had a tough birth. We had complications with the album but trough difficulties to victory! Now it's finally ready and the release date will be announced soon!
The album itself is a major step for FoD from Call of Schizophrenia. We have proven musically so much and we really really thought this album trough. It is rough one that surely leaves no one cold, serving killer riffs, dancing beats and headbanging, awesome synths and industrial elemenents. And of course the the real FoD F*CK YOU attitude! Shortly, it sounds exactly what it should sound. You come and tell me what that is after you have heard it.

pdn: The title of the new album whispers that the content, the message will be similar to what Call of Schizophrenia had to say, regarding corruption, mass shallowness and similar problems. Am I right?
Saku: Album tells many stories about controlling things in you life, in your mind and so on... It's for the listeners to find out the rest! ;)

pdn: Is there any particular reason behind the looks you adopt in live shows, like facepaint and such? Or you simply like it?
Saku: Our live look... Well naturally we like it. And we want to "look what we sound" if you get what I mean. Facepaints also provokes people and thats what we like to do.

pdn: If you could pick any countries to play in, where would you prefer to go on tour?
Saku: It would be awesome to get tour in Europe. Or tour to Japan! Naturally we love all gigs regarding where it is!

pdn: Thank you so much for your time! Any final words you would like to add? :)
Saku: Thanks for the interview! If there is something more you want to know just ask! Try to understand my english! :D

Saku Solin

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