Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fear of Domination - Call of Schizophrenia (2009)

Fear of Domination comes from Rajamäki, Finland, and it's a wicked industrial metal band. Eventhough they haven't released a lot of material yet, they sound awesome and have great potential to get much further.
   After starting off in 2006 and getting a self-titled demo together, they got on track with their official demo called 'Perfect World'.
   In 2009, they released their debut album 'Call of Schizophrenia', which is kind of a dynamic, energetic work of art, if you ask me. The heavy industrial elements added to the rough but melodic instrumental structure, growls, straight-forward lyrics, and some gentle female vocals, is just the right combination! All that describes this album perfectly. The overall message is about the flaws of society and about how the world is ruled by superficial people, how we are guided through our everyday life by nothing more than animal instincts - how things such as greed and sex rule the world.
  The first song is Fear of Domination, just like the band's name. And it might sound rather kinky, though it's about being 'puppets of society' and the misuse of power from the government's side. It is followed by Mistake in Evolution, Clown Industry. The next in line is Synthetic Paradise, the lyrics of which clearly reflect  sympthoms of schizophrenia, then Punish Y.S. is well-explained by the title, Intact Girl - pretty passionate song, followed by Perfect World, title of which is meant to be more than ironic. As we are getting close to the last song, we bump into the tune that is actually called Call of Schizophrenia, and again, the title is kind of clear in explaining the lyrics in a nutshell. Then we can listen to Theatre, it's about fake people and the feeling of disappointment caused by them. Last but not least, we can find something supreme, and that is Fear of Domination, remixed by no other than Mc Raaka Pee (of Turmion Kätilöt)! In this album, you can actually sense a likeness to Turmion Kätilöt, they both have that same kind of raw energy, so maybe the connection between the two bands isn't a coincidence. We could already get used to the fact that Finland never fails to pop out great metal acts of all sorts, which never fail to amaze us.
   All in all, this is a great album, especially if you are a fan of industrial metal and love a fast tempo that will get your bloodflow speeded up.

Favourite songs: Fear of DominationPerfect World

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