Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interview: Moloch (EXTERMINAS)

   Black metal force from Treviso, Italy. Exterminas have created their own thing, with a touch of  genuine Scandinavian sound, a fusion I strongly recommend to fans of the genre and not only! Founding member Moloch agreed to talk to us about his continuously promising, powerful band!

pdn: Hails! Please tell me, when was the band formed, and how did it all happen? How did you decide upon the name 'Exterminas' for the band?

Moloch: The band was formed in 2009 by me and Raven, the drummer. There is no particular story of how it happened. We decided to make a band and we wanted to play black metal, that's all. As concerns the name, we decided it after some time. We thought of different names but any of them convinced us and in the end Raven proposed Exterminas as name. I thought that it wasn't so bad and we chose it!

pdn: How would you describe your music to people who are not yet familiar with it? Who writes the music, the lyrics and what are the main themes and subjects you tackle?
Moloch: We play black metal basically. I can say that we are near to the scandinavian scene, mainly to the Norwegian, but we try to give a personal touch to our music. It is not the old black metal that you can hear everywhere by now. The music in Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy and in Abaddon was written by me, but now that task is divided between me and Eskathon. Lyrics are written by Februus in most cases but some lyrics are written also by me and Raven. There is not a partucular thing we talk about in our songs, it's about war, demons and rejection of religions.

pdn: When did you start playing music? What was your first instrument and what/ who was it that influenced and determined you to join a band?
I started playing guitar when I was 16 and it's the only instrument I play. 

pdn: If you could pick any band to share the stage with, who would that be and why?
There are a lot of bands I would like to share a stage! It would be a dream to play with any band that made a history of black metal like Venom, Mayhem, Darkthrone and so on.. I am sure that anyone would like to play with these bands!!

pdn: And what would some venues, festivals be that you would be delighted to perform at sometime?
The answer is obvious in this case, too!! When you play at big festivals in front of  thousands of people, it has to be a graet thing! But I think that it's more important with who you play with and not where you play.

pdn: Did you ever play or would you consider playing any other genre than black metal?
No, I only play black metal. I never thought about it but it would surelly be interesting to play something different. Yes, I'd like to try someday.. Who knows..

pdn: Is Exterminas working on anything at the moment?
At the moment we are working on new songs! And also trying to find some live shows to promote our new album.

pdn: What are the band's future plans and aspirations?
There is not a long term plan. We are searching for some gigs at the moment and than we will see. There are many ideas we are working on and maybe we'll have a continuation of Seventh Demoniacal Hierarchy very soon.

pdn: Thank you so much! Anything you would like to add for your fans and friends here, at the end?
Thanks to you! It was a plesaure for me. I hope that someday we will come to your country, we know there are some fans also there. It will be an honor!! Keep listening to good music my friends, hope to meet you in the future!!

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