Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interview: Emily Lazar (SEPTEMBER MOURNING)

   September Mourning is the brainchild of miss Emily Lazar, and it was founded in 2007 as a transmedia project, with a musical side that started to develop in the following year. Due to a lineup change in 2010, Emily remained the only touring member, and she's here on playdeadnation to tell us more!

pdn: Hello, Emily! Please tell me, how was the band formed and what was the project about initially? Also, how did you decide upon this band name?
Emily: First off I like to describe this as an art project with a musical element to it :) The project is based around a storyline of a girl who is a reaper and has the power to take souls from the living but also can replace those souls with those she's already taken. She has the power to change fate. The project was conceived by myself and Marc Silvestri of Top Cow (comics)
September Mourning is the Reaper name of the girl in the story. Personally, I had a friend who was very close to me die a few years ago in September... this project, for me, is a bit of a homage to him.

pdn: At what age did you start getting involved in music, and under what circumstances?
Emily: I went to a performing arts school for high school where I learned theater and singing and dance. I first stepped on stage at age 4. Performing has always been in my blood :)

pdn: Who were some bands, people that influenced you in your art?
Emily: Marc Silvestri as an artist has always been an influence on me. Music wise....  i always enjoy the risk takers and the theatrical ones, and above all the strong songwriters... Manson, Reznor, Slipknot, Kiss, Gwar, Nightwish, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Evanescence, 30 Seconds to Mars....

pdn: What would best describe your live shows, in a few words?
Emily: A wall of sound heading straight for your face; energy personified; theatrical fantasy.

pdn: You've played with a few great bands so far; who was your favourite artist to share the stage with?
Emily: Marilyn Manson by far has been the leader. He was so inspiring. I learned so much on that tour. It was awesome. 

pdn: Also, who else would you like to tour with in the future, if you could pick anyone?
Emily: NIN.

pdn: What state is September Mourning currently in?
Emily: We are in preorder for our European release of  our album, "Melancholia" which drops May 18th.... you can find it on import through THIS link ;)

pdn: Which would be some of your other main passions, preoccupations except music?
Emily: What else is there in life? haha.... well hmm.... i love graphic novels/comics and I love gaming too :)

pdn: What are your project's plans for the near future?
Emily: We are working on new material and an online series for MTV Geek, the release of the comic book, launching our website and touring coming up soon as well... busy busy!

pdn: Thank you so much! Anything you would like to add for your friends, fans? :)
Emily: Yes.... This project is all about our fans... We wanted to create a world for you all. A place for you to escape to when the weight of this one gets a bit too heavy. We have so much for you all. You have always been there for us and we will always be there for you! XO!


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