Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is playdeadnation after all?

Since people keep asking me what playdeadnation actually is, it would be fair to give a more elaborate explanation:

WHAT IS PLAYDEADNATION? Playdeadnation was started simply as a music blog, featuring mainly reviews and interviews. I am the only one in control of it, it's my brainchild and I am willing to stay it's single parent, for various reasons.
Since most of the media is really nothing more than a joke and the nightmare of artists at times, I want to get into journalism and do it how I think it should be done. Since I find music to be a passion and superior to palpable human pleasures, I have all the respect for people who create it, thus I will always wish to communicate in a fair, civilized way with people, without harrassing them. Will not treat them as a piece of merch on my market, but someone who gave us an escape, a boost: music. Always had a thing for journalism and I thought that, among all the different forms of art I practice, the one of words is a less pretentious one, delivering information to everyone who is passionate enough to soak it up.
These would be my reasons and ambitions in a nutshell and this will soon be all taken to the next level.

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