Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interview: DJ Chihiro (VANISHED EMPIRE)

   DJ Chihiro represents pure power through grotesque&evil, in his work as a dj and activity in the band Vanished Empire. Gothic-electro project from Japan, which will drag you through the darkest of your dreams and shake your limbs. Happy New Year dar(k)lings and enjoy!

pdn: Greetings! Firstly, how did you come up with Dj Chihiro as a stage name? Does it have something to do with your real name or did you get the idea from somewhere else?
My stage name come from a part of my real name. But I keep my real name secret. lol

pdn: You collaborate with many bands; which one was your favourite band to work with so far?
I really enjoyed that I played with ZODIAQUE (Japanese metal band). As remix work I enjoyed with every band!

pdn: If you could pick any place, where would you like to play someday, most of all?

Chihiro: I would like to go to Germany and play in Wave Gothic Treffen. But I would be happy if I can play for the audience who were waiting for me no matter any place any country.

pdn: When did you get started with Dj-ing and what influenced you to play industrial?

Chihiro: I started to go to gothic event in Japan over about 10 years ago and it was the time of the beginning of Dark-electro music. This is the very important experience and influence for my career.

pdn: Please tell me a bit about the main themes, subjects that inspire your music.

Chihiro: My main theme is "Dark, aggressive, and danceability". I like around 142~5BPM.

pdn: Does Vanished Empire have any plans for the near future?

Chihiro: Vanished Empire will launch gothic event in Tokyo from next February. I will be glad when I see the audience who come from oversea!

pdn: What are your main aspirations as an artist?

Chihiro: Making a legend in world gothic scene. This is my aspiration.

pdn: Thank you for your time!! Any final words you would like to add for the fans, fellow darklings out there?

Chihiro: I will keep on providing dark and gothic music! I would like to ask audiences and organizer in whole world to wait for my coming!

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