Wednesday, December 21, 2011


   Fractured Fairytales is a gothic industrial metal band from North Carolina, United States, self-described as 'Finding beauty in the horrid, and finding the horrid in beauty.' Having promised to darken the earth with their tunes, founding member Lutachrist Dupre and bassist Nyx Thanaos are brought to you by playdeadnation as an early Xmas present to share their thoughts!

pdn: Hails! You initiated this project alone; how did you guys meet and decide to make music together? 
Lutachrist: I could write a whole book on subject so I'll try to make it somewhat short. The day that I decided to make Fractured Fairytales a performing band as opposed to just a studio project I was aware that I would need some bad asses for the line-up. I also knew that it would not be easy to assimilate a team of the caliber of musicians I was seeking. I needed people that dedicated their lives to music as much as I have....cause otherwise I would just be selling myself short. Having been in several bands in the past I already knew that all too well what that is like. I held many try outs and searched near and far to all corners of the earth until finally one day the first wave of Necromancers were in place to begin the Fractured Fairytales campaign. 

pdn: Hmm, tell me a bit about the very beginning and other projects you were involved in prior to Fractured Fairytales, please.

Lutachrist: There is no need to go digging up those corpses this day. In fact I'm not sure any of those musicians would appreciate being associated with us anyway. You see we are actually quite infamous and well hated in the town that Fractured Fairytales is based out of. The locals don't agree with the things we do or say on and off stage. We don't fit into their false assurance of morals and religion. Our approval rating in this town is low and dismal...much like the current President of the United States.

pdn: Who were the people and bands that have influenced you musically, as well as in your personal life?

Lutachrist: I had my hero's growing up, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and on and on. When I was 12 years old we moved to a new town and I met a kid named Joey Revels. He walked up to me the first day and said " I am your guardian Angel and you need to buy a guitar". Him referring to himself as an angel turned out to be very ironic because Joey worshipped the Devil.....unlike anyone I have ever met to this day. He is also the individual that dubbed me as Lutachrist. We chose a very dark path and did many unspeakable things. His spirit transcended from his body to bigger and better realms many years ago. Every Fractured Fairytales album ever released says (RIP Joey Revels) in the liner notes.

pdn: What inspired you while writing the lyrics and what are your main themes?

Lutachrist: Fractured Fairytales lyrics are often about the current condition of the human collective which is more so a conglomeration of all energies in the known and unknown universe in a state of chaos and for reasons unknown at war with itself. The end of society, The apocalypse - which means great change...not the end of the world, the cesspool of the human mind..that fact that everyone is everything somewhere an perhaps it's too bad we are on the brink of extinction right when we are ready to make the next step in evolution.

pdn: If you could pick any band, who would you like to share the stage with someday?

NyX: I would to love see Fractured Fairytales share the stage with nine inch Nails, Manson, and/or Cradle of filth. All those bands are mayor influences for us as a whole and are people we have looked up to for years.

pdn: What are the nearest plans for you guys? Something like tours, new album we can look forward to?
NyX: Fractured Fairytales has a whole list of plans for the near future. We are currently in the studio working on our 3rd full length album and are about to film the “So Red It’s Black” video which is on our remix album “Revale”. We feel like even since it’s a remix album we still need a visual representation of it for the masses before we release the next album. It’s something for the fans to keep them in the edge of their sits; we owe them that and more. We also plan on touring for the new album in the late spring/summer time in the U.S. and hopefully parts of Canada and upper Mexico.

pdn: Thank you for your time and friendship! Any final words you'd like to add for friends and fans?

NyX: This band owes everything to our friends and fans, the entity that is Fractured Fairytales would be nothing without them. We see people talking about the band and sharing our music everywhere we look on the internet and we thank them for getting the word about us out there. The Horde they have created grows stronger every day because of them and they are why we do what we do. To all the fans out there I can say only this; Our Hordes will darken the Earth.


  1. They are awesome!!! More Fractured Fariytales please!!

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  3. hell yeah i love this band and their messages

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