Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interview: Kristof Bathory (DAWN OF ASHES)

   Dawn Of Ashes is an extreme horror industrial black metal band which you most certainly love if you are into sick, obscure, aggressive music, and you should, because it gives you the best of goosebumps! Also having a project in collaboration with Psyclon Nine, mastermind Kristof is here to give us some great insight on the world of both bands!

pdn: Hey Kristof! First of all, I would like to ask you about the band's name. How did you decide upon Dawn Of Ashes? Is there a story behind it?
Kristof: Dawn of Ashes represents the birth ov death & failure. Dawn as in something that emerges or rises, & Ashes as the after effect ov a destructive force or when the flames burn out. 

pdn: You have initially played EBM/ Aggrotech, then made a transition to blackened death metal. You obviously rock both, but what do we owe the change to?Kristof: Black Metal & Industrial music was initially going to be a major force, that would be combined together when I created DOA but I shrived to find musicians that were worthy ov joining this band. I leaned more towards the Industrial side but kept an aggressive feel with the music & the energy live. There has always been the thought ov turning DOA into a full blown Metal act with the elements ov Industrial. Then came a point where I decided to make the transformation and let this band's skin evolve into something a bit more organic. I never 100% felt the full aggressive energy, until we added in the guitars, drums, ect. Genocide Chapters was not my most prideful album but it did show a beginning stage towards this transformation. All brand NEW DOA material will definitely show the band's full potential as an Extreme Industrial Metal act.

pdn: Eventhough you've made a major change regarding sounds, I hear you are planning to re-record two tracks from the old albums. Do you already know which two?
Torture Device part 2 will be on the new EP (Farewell To The Flesh). I feel this new version out beat the original. I know that this was one ov our popular tracks as an Industrial act so I do feel that Dawn of Ashes fans will be blown away by the reinvention ov Torture Device. We have not figured out a second song besides performing some older songs live. 

pdn: Please tell me about Urilia, the industrial black metal band that you have in cooperation with Psyclon Nine. How would you describe it in a few words, let's say to those who haven't heard of it yet?Kristof: URILIA is a group that myself & Rotny from Psyclon Nine started together. It'd heavily Influenced by traditional Black Metal with elements ov older Industrial. It's very influenced by Occult knowledge, Demonology, Black Magic, Violence, Statistic forms ov sex, ect. Very much what DOA & P9 are both based on. The sound will definitely have a DOA & P9 vibe. 

pdn: What are the bands that you would love to share the stage with someday?Kristof: There are many, but mostly older Black Metal acts. 

pdn: Who were some people that have influences you in becoming the artist you are today?Kristof: I am heavily influenced by Black Metal & straight Rock & Glam Metal. Horror & the occult is my main influence. 

pdn: What are the plans for the upcoming year, for Dawn Of Ashes and Urilia?Kristof: For URILIA, it's to get this group more orginized. For DOA, it's to start performing again for the release ov the upcoming EP "Farewell To The Flesh". Many upcoming plans in the works.

pdn: Thank you so much for your time! Anything final you would like to add for your fans?Kristof: Keep it evil & cheers for the endless support to DOA & URILIA!

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