Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview: Elmar Schmidt (CENTHRON)

   Harsh electro beats coming from Bremen, Germany, delivered by Centhron, towards the delight of our auditory senses, mastermind Elmar Schmidt is here to answer a few questions.

pdn: Hello, Elmar! My first question will be the usual one; how did you come up with this name for the band?
Elmar: It was an Idea of Jörg Herrmann. He thought it is good name and in my opinion it was! So we started.

pdn: How was the idea of forming this band born? Please tell me a bit about the very beginning.
Elmar: Jörg and me meet in a german club and talked about music. I was a Metalhead, he just for electronic music. I visited him to have a look at his synthesizers, he visited me to have a look in my studio. We made some experiments and we thought it could be a cool project.
So we started the first time and made the first Demo "Melek Taus".

pdn:At what age did you start making music and leaning towards the industrial scene?
Elmar: Oh, I started with 6 years I think, may be earlier. My father is a musician, I started with playing drums and piano. With 12 years I founded my first metal band "Execution", played drums there and had a great time. Industrial came late to me, I think I was at least 19 years old. My first bands I listend to were Feindflug, Suicide Commando and Kiew.

pdn: Who were some of the people and/or bands that have influenced you, both musically and as a person?
Elmar: I do not know really in music. May be Suicide Commando, but I tried to do it on my own. So the first album "Lichtsucher" sounds different in every song. I was impressed by Feindflug, S.I.T.D. and a lot of bands we played with. Especially Agonoize later, the showed me, that great bands could have a great character!

pdn: What bands would you most like to share the stage with, and what events/ festivals would you like to participate in someday?
Elmar: The best combination was the tour 2009 with Agonoize I think, but my dream is to play with Rammstein;-)

pdn: Would you ever consider playing a different type of music? If so, what genre?
Elmar: Of course:Death Metal! May be some Rock'n Roll.

pdn: What are Centhron's plans for the near future? Any upcoming material, tours?
Elmar: We are working on new material, I think we will finish it next year. We hope to play a good tour next year, may be russia again, may be america. We work on a lot things...Some european shows of course too!

pdn: Thank you for your time! Any words you would like to add for your fans, friends?
Elmar: Thank you for the interview, we hope to see a lot of your readers at our shows! Rock on!

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