Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interview: Dmitry Darling (Suicidal Romance/ Freakangel)

   Freakangel is an 'alternative electro core' band described as such by Dmitry Darling himself, who was kind enough to share his thoughts with playdeadnation. He is also the mastermind of the duo Suicidal Romance. Both bands were 'born and raised' in Tallin, Estonia, and for me personally it was love at first audition long ago, in both cases!

pdn: Hey Dmitry! First of all, please tell me, how did you decide to name the band 'Freakangel'?
Dmitry: Hey! Well... it was actually fr0zen who came up with the band name. It is a nice play of words. Like black and white. I mean... every one taught to think that angels are sweet or something that should bring light... and then freaks... well... we are freaks, so it's kinda make sense... I mean... we just wanted to show that not everything in this world is like people are taught to think.

pdn: You have been active in Suicidal Romance since before Freakangel. How did you get the idea of having another band?
Dmitry: I was really young, sweet and wanted to play music that was somehow suitable for my inner world. I'm still sweet, but well... times are changing and one day I understood that Suicidal Romance is not enough for me. One part of me woke up from the sleep and started to ask for a solution... there was a choice to start making SR in a different way or to leave it as it is and began a new band. Actually, starting from Shattered Heart Reflections You could already hear that Suicidal Romance is not what it was before... and with our next album that will be released in December via Infacted Recordings I will show once more that I am not that young free willing guy that I was in 4-5 years ago.

pdn: What were the bands, who were the people that influenced you in your evolution to be the musician you are today?
Dmitry: Well... like I said before in 4-5 years I have changed a lot. When I've found out about so called “dark scene” I have started from bands that I actually never liked and still do not like but they were like a fresh air for me after my “metal” past... I could talk longer about it, but the point it that right now I'm listening to everything! There are no actual borders for my music taste. But if to talk about people that have really influenced me then Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper to name a few.

pdn: Who writes the lyrics (in both bands) and what inspires them?
Dmitry: Normally I write lyrics for both bands. But for example lyrics for “Shattered Heart Reflections” were done totally by Maarja Korstnik who left the band right before we have started recording our third album for Suicidal Romance. For Freakangel debut album we did lyrics both with fr0zen, but on our new tracks I am doing them by myself as I have something to say. About inspiration... well... that would sound pathetic, but living my life day by day and my own vision on things makes perfect inspiration for me.

pdn: We are looking forward for the new Suicidal Romance album that will be released at the end of this year! What can you tell us about it?
Dmitry: “Memories Behind Closed Curtains” will be a third album with Suicidal Romance. With this album I tried to take SR to a whole new level, so maybe that's why some old SR fans won't understand my new direction on this album, but well... it's worth a try! This album is based around “destructive emotions” theme and was influenced pretty much by modern metal bands like Motionless In White or Bring Me The Horizon...

pdn: What about Freakangel, what are the plans for the near future?
Dmitry: Right now I'm locked in the studio finishing final touches on our second album that will be released in the beginning of 2012. Also pretty soon You would be able to witness our first DVD release that will be dedicated to all our fans! Very limited thing! So be prepared when it will hit the sales!

pdn: Your quite instant success brought you tours to several countries and numerous
significant festivals in this scene. Which is the place you would wish to visit or re-visit and play at, what country and/or festival?
Dmitry: We would be really glad to visit Kinetik Festival in CA one day or Resistanz Festival in UK! Revisiting ALL festivals we have played at would be really sweet!

pdn: Which part do you prefer in band activity, studio works or live shows? I bet each of them can be tiresome in some way, but fun in a different way...
Dmitry: Well... I kinda prefer both. I really like writing music... I like the process and the feeling of the new ideas rising in my head. But to be true, I can't stand mixing my own music! So I think it kinda makes a huge plus into touring activities. What makes live shows a bigger point of interest of mine!

pdn: Thank you so much for your time! Any message you would like to add for your fans? :D
Dmitry: Thank You, too! See You all out on the road!

release dates:
16.12.11 INFACTED (EU)
release dates:
11.06.10 ALFA MATRIX (EU/US)

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http://www.pluswelt.com / booking agency

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