Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sister - Hated (2010)

   Sister kind of brought a fresh sound to both sleaze and punk scnenes, combining the two and adding elements of different kinds of metal, classic rock, among others. One of the descriptions the band itself made about their sound would be 'the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns'N'Roses'. Eventhough that already sounds scrumptious, I would add another comparison, which would be some kind of mix between Hardcore Superstar and Wednesday13/ Murderdolls.
   Before getting signed at Metal Blade Records, they have built their ground first, spreading the band's name by touring all through Sweden, and even abroad very often. Their Metal Blade debut is featured by their latest album called 'Hated'. The guys said they were stoked about the result and managed to make this album sound great, aggressive, dynamic. I must say this album delivered all that it promised.
   First song on the album, 'Radioactive Misery' is the intro that lasts 22 seconds and it really does sound like a genuine intro. The second song is 'Body Blow', this is where the action and dynamism actually starts, followed by another energic song called 'Bullshit and Backstabbing'. We can then hear 'Hated', song which gives the name of the album. It is about people giving you a hard time and it encourages you to stand up for yourself, don't let others walk all over you. This is the general message of the album really, that is why I didn't take every song separately to discuss them. Then there is 'Motherfuckers (Like You)', where the lyrics talk about the wrong people having authority and brainwash. Next we can listen to a horror-themed song entitled 'Werewolves on Blackstreet', which will surely make your feet wanna bounce around. We can next feast on a song with a rather kinky title, 'Spit on Me', the song is slightly mean, and that's exactly the charm of it. 'Unlucky Minority' has a similar subject to 'Motherfuckers (Like You). Then, the only slower, romantic song on this album would be 'Would You Love A Creature'. The last two songs are 'Too Bad For You', which also features a music video that was made before this album was released, and then there is 'Drag Me To The Grave', in this last song you can also find motion at it's best.
   I will have to give this album the maximum grade since I personally love it, it is a perfect combination for me, being a fan of glam and punk, as well as more brutal stuff.


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